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They were Mexico’s swashbuckling heroes whose fighting skills, horsemanship and sheer bravery inspired SEVENFRIDAY’S latest timepiece - welcome the M1B/02 aka `El Charro`- Limited to 450 units worldwide!

And if putting bandits out of their misery wasn’t enough, these hybrid cowboys from yesteryear looked pretty damn fine too, helping to drive the design of the El Charro with, of course, our signature SEVENFRIDAY twist.

Part of our popular ‘M Series’, the new piece uses patterns and materials synonymous with the ‘Charro’ attire, making sure it’s packed with cool, cultural and fun design nods for those who like something a little different.

Paying homage to the traditional craftsmanship of the Mexican artisan, other features include an animation ring presented in exclusive natural horn material with decorated and engraved horse saddle inspiring the strap and buckle.

Bold design elements include the Calavera Mexican skull featured on the hour disc and the aged case mimics the metal features of an El Charro and his sturdy companion’s wears.

The piece also includes pops of bright green to mirror the cactus with signature ‘gun v cactus’ engraved on the underside chip disc.
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