PDP x 7F


Witness the colourful collaboration of couture and horology between PAPA DON’T PREACH and SEVENFRIDAY.

The collaboration between SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON’T PREACH was born out of their similarities as much as their differences! Firstly, Switzerland and India could not be more contrasting in everything from their way of working to style and trends. This, in addition to the differences between the watch and the fashion industry, could have been a hurdle if not for the brands’ shared mission and values. The natural collaboration between the two companies resulted in a product that is equal parts SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON’T PREACH.

Architecture and functionalities are very SEVENFRIDAY with a more organic evolution of their signature ‘squircle’ case, the familiar hands and dial construction

The design, however, is all PAPA DON’T PREACH. The all-women team dreamt up an entirely new, unique dial for this collaboration. A fierce panther seamlessly intertwined vibrant patterns and maximalist, mythical flowers even a flora enthusiast wouldn’t recognize.

Created by the design team, the flower symbolizes the collaboration and blooms only in the fantasy world of SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DON’T PREACH. To accentuate the detailed designs, the dial was constructed with raised elements to imparting a 3D effect adding depth and dimension to Shubhika’s creations.

Furthermore, Mumbai-based team also designed the included canvas tote and bespoke display material, as well as giving the SEVENFRIDAY wooden crate a very pink makeover bearing the phrase “like a ribbon around a bomb”. Elegance and sensitivity meet a fiery and unpredictable energy. Once used by Andre Breton to describe Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, what could be more fitting to summarise this contrasting collaboration 🎀💣