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Wide of the Mark

1,2,3 and the camera is rolling…

Last year, Wide Of the Mark set out on a road trip in Tasmania to film a movie. Six riders with a need for adventure and a passion for building motorcycles equipped with SEVENFRIDAY bags, sunglasses, and watches! Due to the pandemic, the release of the film was postponed, but now the long-awaited moment is here, Wide of The Mark has premiered on the Gold Coast.

We figured, who would better fit for SEVENFRIDAY than a group of adrenaline hungry and free-spirited motorcyclists navigating the Tasmanian desert? This movie truly represents the #liveSEVENFRIDAY spirit and proves that no matter what adventure you plan on embarking on next, our products are up to the task! Whether it’s while assembling a motorcycle in a gritty garage or cruising along the coast, SEVENFRIDAY is along for the ride, with a backpack to carry all essentials, sunglasses to shield them from the glaring sun, and a watch to let them know when its time to make a stop for lunch.

Wide of the Mark, the must-see of 2021 is now finally out for the masses. Go have a look for yourself, you’re bound to experience a rush of adrenaline just by watching. What adventures are you planning? SEVENFRIDAY is here to accompany you on your quests!

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