Food, Friends & Good Times!

In 2016, SEVENFRIDAY revolutionized and reinvented watch retailing by opening our first space. Many people wondered why we call it space, and no, it isn’t a more pretentious way of saying store. The SEVENFRIDAY spaces go beyond what we expect from traditional watch retail. They are not just a store; they’re an experience.

The first ever SEVENFRIDAY space opened in Jakarta in June 2016. The restaurant with renowned cooks was at the center of the space; the products were like a side dish! We wanted the spaces to be customer-centric, making every visitor feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease. Moving away from traditional stores, the products aren’t pushed on customers. Instead, the customer is encouraged to experience the brand, grab a drink, and maybe try on a watch while having lunch. The importance of community for SEVENFRIDAY is no secret, and it might just be one of our most used words… 

Like a cool clubhouse for adults, the spaces are a way to accommodate and motivate members of the SEVENFRIDAY family to meet.

Although each space is unique, the brand’s style and aesthetic are instantly recognizable. Wood mixed with industrial elements, classic design pieces, and SEVENFRIDAY photography. The spaces are homey and welcoming but also have that cool edge present in our products.  Together with our interior design team and friends in London, each space is carefully designed, and every piece of furniture or decoration is consciously sourced and picked. Each space has a touch of something unique specific to the country and culture of those running it. Nonetheless, a strong brand identity is visible in all the spaces, no matter what city they’re in. Whether you’re in Jakarta, Zurich, Mumbai, Kuwait, Shanghai, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Kuala Lumpur, you’ll recognize the SEVENFRIDAY space and experience.

Besides being the place for coffee, meals, and watch purchases, the spaces host regular events and parties. The Zurich space hosted comedy nights, and our spaces in Indonesia are known for their fabulous launch events

Our spaces are imagined with our community in mind, so just like all of you, they’re cool, fun, and welcoming. We call them spaces because just calling them stores doesn’t do them justice. Expect anything but a typical retail experience, and embrace the unconventional SEVENFRIDAY in-store adventure. 



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