From the distinctive shape, lovingly dubbed the squircle, to the unique circle base hand, SEVENFRIDAY’s design language was created and cultivated by head designer Arnaud Duval. You may think the brand is anything but classic, but a trip down memory lane and a peek behind the scenes with Arnaud proves otherwise!


Designs are rarely imagined from scratch. Each choice is informed by a certain aesthetic, function, context, and style. For Arnaud, the squircle shape was inspired by retro TVs from the late '60s and early ‘70s. Furthermore, the idea that function and style are equally important in creating a successful design is evident in the complex dial. Not only that, but a design that the wearer can interpret for him/herself is what we consider a successful piece. From afar, the SEVENFRIDAY has a visual signature, its squircle, which makes it instantly identifiable. A couple of steps closer, you become aware of the dial’s intricacy. Now, you may be thinking that all sounds pretty straightforward: a simple squircle shape and complicated dial, but that does not a classic make!

The P-series were the first SEVENFRIDAY models and are central to the brand’s DNA. People say inspiration can be found anywhere, and SEVENFRIDAY’s way of approaching the design of its products resembles that of the car industry. Many of your favorite manufacturers, take Fiat with the cinquecento, build on a heritage model that’s constantly evolving while still staying true to the brand. The P1/01 is our Fiat 500. Since this very first model, we have been reinterpreting SEVENFRIDAY classic design elements in our distinctive language.


Although the squircle shape, intricate dial and circle element at the base of the hand may be classic signature elements of SEVENFRIDAY’s design language, who knows what the future holds? The shape may morph, and the hands may evolve, but a SEVENFRIDAYclassic is defined by more than just it’s looks. Designs evolved from our unique DNA and realized in our distinct language are classic SEVENFRIDAY. 
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