On the Tools

On the Tools

The T2/07 aka “T-Riley” is the newest addition to the playful T-Series. With predecessors like the T-Tiger, T-Beach Club and the T-Cocorico, expect nothing short of a watch that puts a smile on your face!

Apart from the distinctive design language and no-nonsense attitude,

SEVENFRIDAY is known for something, or rather someone else: their Mascot Riley. The popular and loved little teddy tried his hand at the newest T-model and proved to bear-ly be a watchmaker.

SEVENFRIDAY entrusted him with full creative control over the T2/07‘s skeletonized movement. Riley‘s attempt to slip seamlessly into the role of watchmaker didn‘t go according to plan. As it turns out, quite a bit of patience and expertise is needed to create and assemble a watch dial. Particularly one as intricate and complex as that of the T- model. Riley may have skipped some steps and improvised along the way. That is the only way to explain the explosion of spirals, screws and bolts that make up the dial of the “T-Riley” model.


The origin story of the T2/07 may seem like a page out of a fairytale or fable but the design of the newest T watch is no child's play. The original gold-brown PVD combined with the black-tinted green color reinforces the double reading often seen in SEVENFRIDAY pieces. In the case of the “T-Riley”, the quality of the components and the formal creativity stand out from afar, but at a closer look, it's the graphic creativity and the richness and interaction of the multi-level dials that distinguish and elevate it.


SEVENFRIDAY created the T2/07 in collaboration with renowned Hungarian artist Kata Kerekes. She is known for her unique skill at storytelling through playful and detailed graphics for which she has won a number of prestigious prizes. In the past, Kata Kerekes collaborated with SEVENFRIDAY on their Tiger NFTs, dreaming up an endless amount of sassy tiger characters. Kata was also behind

the equally entertaining visuals on the packaging.

A quick glance doesn‘t do her work justice, the longer you look the more

the story unravels and funny details unfold. Her history with the brand and particularly the Tiger series and her undeniable talent for visual storytelling made her the ideal person to convey Riley‘s adventures.

M2/04 aka “Whisky” and T-Beach Club

So, watchmaking may seem like serious business, and at times, it really is. However, at SEVENFRIDAY there's a lightness and humor to everything we do. Come on, you can‘t take yourself too seriously!

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