Today SEVENFRIDAY and the artist Tomyboy of ROCKETBYZ are excited to introduce a piece that truly embodies our “live your passion” mindset.

Tomyboy’s passion for bright, bold colours can’t be tamed. It was this passion that drove him towards a successful career as a hip hop producer and creator of his own object d’art, Rocketbyz.

Tomyboy believes: “A lot of people go through life only seeing black and white, but I want to show that there is so much more.“

This mission statement is the reason we asked him to artify our original M1/01. The striking result is this new Off-Series piece. Tomyboy crusades to bring colour and art to the world of luxury products. We salute his fluorescent colours, and innovative use of black light to reveal vibrant beauty otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 

Both SEVENFRIDAY and Tomyboy believe “be different, be you”.

The Rocketbyz Off-Series is limited to fifty pieces worldwide, each hand sprayed by the artist to create a unique aesthetic. No two watches are identical and the rate at which the artwork evolves will differ, depending on its environment. Each watch will bear testament to the life and passions of its owner, becoming more unique as the time it measures ticks by. This not a watch with artistic pretensions, it is a piece of art that tells the time.

In his own words…

We dedicate this watch to all our like-minded friends and fans, who are not afraid to stand out.

The SEVENFRIDAY M2/03 by Rocketbyz will be available from 30th January exclusively via WatchAnish.com

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