Dear Mr President... ♫♪ - SEVENFRIDAY Australia

Dear Mr President... ♫♪

Where did you go last night?

Throwback to the Mr. President Optical shooting... we all know the typical images, the president sitting in the back of his limousine car, flashing a smile for the cameras, the president pictured in the middle of an important conversation, stern look and all, the president photographed eating to remind us, that he is in fact just like the rest of us, and the list goes on...

Now imagine all of this SEVENFRIDAY style! Our team took to the streets of Zurich, in the trusted SEVENFRIDAY Rolls-Royce to shoot for the new release of the “president” glasses!

As the president we casted a friend of the team, who proved to be yet another model in our midst. (After the Red carbon shoot we are starting to think it must be something in the swiss water!) 

From the dapper grey suit to the silver Rolls-Royce and the funky music the shoot is undoubtedly reminiscent of the 70s, a time where bigger was better and bold  was everyone's middle name, but with the added SEVENFRIDAY twist!

The footage is cool enough to get everyone on board with a revival of the 70s, and switch up the boring minimal eyewear to try out a new, more daring look instead.

Take a look for yourself, Our model sure does look like a very important person!

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