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Break Free-D


You see, back in 2012, SEVENFRIDAY broke onto the watch scene with a refreshingly fun attitude combining innovative designs with value and openness, gathering a loyal following of like-minded individuals along the way.

 Now, a decade later, it’s important, for SEVENFRIDAY, nay vital, to question the norm, break free and reach into a new dimension!

 Enter the Free-D from SEVENFRIDAY –

The first thing that strikes you is its bold shape, a look more reminiscent of a spacecraft. And that is appropriate as it looks ready to go where few have gone before, it looks ready to challenge established horological tenets.

Consider manufacturing. Well Additive Manufacturing (AM) to be precise! More commonly known as 3D printing to us non techies! With the help of technological partner HP, SEVENFRIDAY has been able to manufacture a cutting-edge timepiece which is intricate yet light and flexible.

Ponder the polyamide material used and some trepidation may start. The high performance PA11 nylon is 100% made of renewable castor beans, giving it an extreme heat resistance and durability. And guess what its 100% sustainable too!

Throw in a titanium case and sapphire crystal and even a pointy-eared Vulcan would start showing some emotion!

 And to seal it all, SEVENFRIDAY invites you to join universe only accessible through its proprietary portal: the SEVENRIDAY APP, whereupon registering your Free-D you will receive your very own NFT, a digital certificate, authenticated by a blockchain contract, attesting to your ownership of a genuine SEVENFRIDAY product!

And why not go even a tad further and take advantage of an offer to acquire an NFT collectible, specially crafted for this particular watch!

 Breaking free, a story a decade in the making but to enjoy it you won’t have to break the bank!

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