An AGM with distributors and retailers just doesn’t feel right, instead the idea of an annual get together developed, one where everyone associated with the brand can bring their family, have some fun and live SEVENFRIDAY rather than talk about it. No spreadsheets and presentations, everyone is free to relax on day one, divided into teams for a mini Olympics on day two and then nurse any hangovers inflicted on day three!

2015 was in-fact our second SEVENFRIDAY Games, the first taking place in St-Moritz. Instead of last year’s cross country skiing, skidoo races and sledging, coats and scarfs were replaced with bikinis and board-shorts as SEVENFRIDAY took over the Maçakızı Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey for paddleboarding, kayak races and banana boating. An event always worth looking forward to, having 150+ SEVENFRIDAY friends and family in the same place, it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun. 

Available only to those attending the Summer Games, this years Games edition was a bright turquoise P-Series with matching rubber strap. Also included in the care-package was a SEVENFRIDAY hangover kit featuring aspirin, tomato juice and vodka then finally one HDB (Heavy Duty Box) with strap.

The games soon began with each team working their way around the circuit of paddleboard quiz, kayaking to the closest island and back, timed treadmill, water pistol collection and banana boat survival. Each activity tested the teams and their HDBs but at the end of the event, all team members emerged unscathed (unlike the Winter Games!) and all HDBs were intact. 

The party continued with several of us ending up ruining iPhones with a (sometimes) involuntary jump in the sea and rumours of the last person standing calling it a night at sunrise! The final day featured a hearty breakfast for most with lots of wrist shots and smiles as everyone slowly departed to begin their trips back home. Plans for next year’s SEVENFRIDAY Games are already under way….stay tuned…

Sevenfriday Games Turkey

Sevenfriday Games Turkey

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