The La Ferrari is a truly rare sight but, imagine seeing one zip by closely tailed by a Bugatti Veyron! Now add in 50 other various hypercars and another Veyron and you have the Supercars Club Arabia Omanya Rally, six days of non-stop petrol-fuelled insanity.

We teamed up with the Supercar Club Arabia to create a new Off-Series watch, the V3/01-SCA. This new piece, limited to 50 units worldwide, was only available to those taking part in the rally.

The highlight of the rally has to be the Yas Marina F1 Circuit. Over 50 different hypercars unleashing their 25,000+ bhp on an F1 grade track was something to behold!

Huge thanks to GF Williams for his brilliant photography throughout the rally, all pictures in this article are credited to his lens. You can keep up to date with his further adventures here.

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