Take the calm and idyllic landscape of Silvaplana, add fast cars and an equally exciting watch, this sets the scene for the Red Carbon photoshoot. Needless to say the shoot was, in true SEVENFRIDAY fashion, everything but conventional!

The day started early, the SEVENFRIDAY team headed out into the alps to shoot the opening scene; a timelapse of the sun rising over the mountain landscape. From there on out the day became more exciting by the minute.

From the start, the team had a vision : a real, and by real I mean straight from the fields, farmer who would model the red carbon watch alongside the equally sporty red ferrari. Now how did we find someone up for the job you may wonder? Surprisingly enough, it’s not as hard as we thought to find a man willing to model a cool watch when there's a sports car involved!


Not only did we find a gentleman kind enough to take a break from his day to sit in the ferrari and sport a cool watch, but we also had a model in our midst who’s potential was yet to be uncovered. One of our own, Hugues, proved to be quite the pro when modeling for the Red Carbon launch video! Just take a look at the photo and video content , they speak for themselves.

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