We are big of admirers of people that take the rule book, turn it upside down, rip out a few pages and then re-write a few of their own. This like-minded stance on all things creative was just the motivation we needed to take to the open road to visit the amazingly talented guys at the home and future of motorcycle design - DAB Motors.

Residing in Biarritz on the South West coast of France, DAB is the brainchild of talented product engineer Simon Dabadie, a creative genius who, along with his team, seriously shakes things up by combining a passion with the wonders of new, forward-thinking technology to produce custom-made motorcycles.

And this stuff is damn fascinating too.

DAB have built their own custom-built model called the ‘Alter’ (as in ‘ego’), a Yamaha XSR900 fit for the Year 21000! Bear with us on this - the ‘Alter’ is created by using a new metallic additive manufacturing technology and process called laser-beam melting - and as you will see from the images, this punts the classic Triumph motorcycle off into the distance by capturing the ultimate in futuristic, high-octane style - basically….we want one!

Enough of the nerdy stuff - we were actually here to shoot our latest watch, the P3C/02 Racer. In true SEVENFRIDAY style as a brand that likes to do things differently and to live and work our own unique way, we considered the like-minded DAB the perfect partner to shoot this latest model.

Built from the same foundations as our muse (the Alter) and with its heart firmly within the pulse-rate inducing world of performance motorcycles, The Racer encapsulates the individuality of a lifestyle, where passion IS the way of life and features codes of motorsport design with black silicon strap and flashes of red to enhance its purpose.

So it was up to our team to be on hand to capture some amazing imagery and video footage of man, machine and of course watch, which we as you will see, we think we did! - tick

We also teamed up with the excellent Qwart motorcycle helmet team, these guys make really cool, dynamic helmets designed for those who want to make their own choices but with safety at the core, the perfect third cog in the wheel for the shoot which felt like we’d fast-forward 80 years into the future.

Damn we are excited for this one!


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