The team here travels a lot, and collectively we find it remarkable how much ’good’ street art is around us.

The impact of inner city ‘urban’ art has developed and gathered pace since it started to receive great acclaim in the 1970-80’s through the Hip Hop movement and in particular New York/US suburbs.

The forefathers of a movement including the likes of Philadelphia’s ‘Corn-bread’, Jean-Michel Basquiat and latterly King Robbo, enabled an enter-prising industry where real talent became more accepted and diverse.

Where Banksy stencils are sold for millions and artists, such as Keith Haring are collaborating to bring their art to the masses.

Enter Zurich based siblings One Truth, a graffiti art collective initially con-sisting brothers Pase and Dr Drax, which has grown into a fully-blown ‘crew' with additional members - and we love the names - Dosey, Ster, Senor, Werk, Reason, Pixel, Stock and Spoom.

Starting out spray-painting on the Underground system 20 years ago at night, both brothers indulged their passion for graffiti, which soon escalat-ed into a number of small projects eventually helping to give Zurich a new face in street art through their creative output. One Truth has an important part to play in things closer to home, having collaborated across a number of projects within our Zurich Space.

Creating our eye-catching Mural within the space is a real One Truth stamp and if nature calls customers will literally walk into the world of the artists following their complete design of the ‘coolest toilets in town’.

One Truth even grabbed their spray cans to pimp our very own ride, taking our office to the streets in a colourful explosion Pinzgauer Army Truck to meet with media, partners and friends of SEVENFRIDAY.

And in true curator style, the ‘crew’ also had a major part to play in our Street Art Apero project - where, for a number of months, they invited a number of artists to paint windows during Friday drinks to showcase the next wave of undiscovered talent.

If you’re in town and want to see it up-close and personal, then do drop by. However, if you’re out and about and you see something amazing, wherever you are, please share with us.

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