The annual GulfRun comprises of three separate events, a karting race and car show in Kuwait then a two day multi-event race at Bahrain International Race Circuit where supercars compete in quarter-mile, circuit and autocross events each year.

In 2014 SEVENFRIDAY teamed up with the GulfRun to make an Off-Series for its drivers. We did the same in 2015 to celebrate the tenth GulfRan and now in 2016 we have a unique V-Series to announce.

The GulfRun car show attracted hundreds of car enthusiasts in early January 2015 with some of the fastest and most unique cars on the planet on display in Kuwait.

The multi-event supercar race took place later that month, with a mix of over 60 supercars, hypercars and track spec missiles competing in multiple events over the course of two days at the Bahrain International Circuit. Quarter-mile drag races, three different hot lap circuits and an autocross time-attack event kept tyres smoking, exhausts roaring and the atmosphere buzzing.

In 2015, just 50 of the SEVENFRIDAY GulfRun X watches were produced worldwide and only those taking part in the GulfRun X were able to purchase one. The watch was based on the M-series but with unique orange discs that have an X instead of the number 10 and an engraved caseback, unique for each driver.

The 2016 GulfRun XI Off-Series took place in January with a unique SEVENFRIDAY Off-Series available to those taking part in the GulfRun karting race in Kuwait or the supercar track day at Bahrain International Circuit.

The SEVENFRIDAY GulfRun XI is based on the V-Series this time with unique orange minute hand, orange day/night indicator, unique seconds disk with orange highlights and a bold orange edged, black leather strap with orange stitching.

Although this eye catching Off-Series watch has now sold out you can purchase the SEVENFRIDAY GulfRun XI strap from our strap store.

Best of luck to all those competing in the GulfRun XI.


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