3, 2, 1 - JUMP! - SEVENFRIDAY Australia

3, 2, 1 - JUMP!

200 mph without an engine..! Our friend Gabriel puts the SEVENFRIDAY HDB through its paces in the skies above Miami, Florida.

Climbing to an altitude of 13,500 Gabriel pulls open the sidedoor, action 3,2,1 and jump! Falling backwards down to earth, the plane he was in disapears in seconds. Freefalling with his speed increasing from 100 to 150 then 200 and hitting 216mph (347kmph) before deploying his pilot chute. His parachute explodes from it’s pack, jolting him up and instantly reducing his speed. Spotting the landing zone he navigates downward while circling around the target. Landing perfectly in stride, Gabriel looks up to the sky he just fell from. That was one jump, bring on the next 5 before lunch!

Hitting 216mph / 347kmph seem eye-wateringly fast to us but Gabriel says “these speeds were reached on freefly jumps”. Speed dives are next week were he could hit 300mph!

Gabriel has reported no issues with the HDB holding his P2/02 safe while plummeting to earth at 218mph. Bring on the wingsuit dives!

Follow Gabriel and his adventures via @sierradevelopment

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