SEVENFRIDAY and Daoro fiesta a Caracas

Sevenfriday and Daoro – the most prestigious jewellers in Caracas, Venezuela – worked together to promote local graffiti artists via an Instagram competition where the top five artists will showcase their work at the Daoro boutique for a SEVENFRIDAY party!

Hundreds of entries were posted across Instagram showcasing urban art, graffiti and photoshop techniques and there begun the hard task of narrowing down the field to the top 5.

The final 5 artists; Vandal, Kok, Alien, Just and Dek showcased their art on canvas / print at the Daoro boutique then partied with the SEVENFRIDAY team alongside Gabriella Ferrari, Carla Field and Silvana Continanza and other VIP guests.

Half way through the evening our winner was announced with the grand prize going to this pop art inspired M1/01 piece!

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