The Yacht Edition that will take you places…

The hyper popular P-Series returns to selected SEVENFRIDAY stockists throughout the world with a bold new nautical inspired timepiece – the P3/06 Yacht Club!

The watch utilizes the time honored colors of sailing to great effect, with ocean blue elements, life jacket red touches, and a white dial that channels the foam capped waves of the salty depths!

Although the P-Series ordinarily revels in the look and feel of the mechanized world, the Yacht Club is an ode to a realm where practicality is eschewed in favor of leisure.

People sail not to get to a destination, but to fall in love with the journey.

It’s about the adventure.

Falling in love with the journey, having an adventure; that’s kinda what we’re all about at SEVENFRIDAY!

For those of you hoping to get your hands on the limited edition P3/06 Yacht Club you better haul anchor to the closest participating boutique as the P-Series has a tendency to sell out PDQ and we won’t be offering it online. It’s only purchasable in store because we want you to get out there and grab it in person. Who knows, it might be the start of your own adventure!